Olinda Brand Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from California

West Coast Products distributes Olinda Brand California Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

• Freshest olive oil available – crushed within 90 minutes of harvest.

• Stored in stainless steel tanks under a blanket of nitrogen to protect the olive oil from the deteriorating effects of oxygen.

• 100% extra virgin olive oil certified by the California Olive Oil Council.

• Our producer has won several gold medals in international olive oil tasting competitions in Los Angeles.

• Below 5% oleic acidity.

• Packaged in gallon jugs.

• Very profitable olive oil. Perfect for gourmet food retailers, restaurants, specialty stores and wineries.

West Coast Products Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection
US Liquid Gallons Liters 500ml Bottles
2.5 9.463 18.93
5.0 18.927 37.85