Winston Churchill’s Extra Dry Martini
1 Part(s)Gin
Stir gin with ice.
Pour into glass with olives.
Look at bottle of vermouth.

“Winston Churchill is said to have enjoyed dry martinis. When French vermouth became scarce during the war, he would simply bow in the direction of France while mixing his drink.”

Late Night Martini
4/5 part Bombay Blue Sapphire dry gin
1/5 Absolut Pepper vodka
1″sprinkle” of martini dry vermouth
1 twist small lemon peel
2 Olinda Jumbo Bar green olives pierced by a toothpick

Dirty Martini
Fill shaker with ice add 1/2 oz of vermouth
Shake, throw out excess vermouth
Add 3 oz Bombay Gin
Add 3/4 oz Olinda Jumbo Bar olive juice
Shake, and strain into a highball glass
Add 3-4 Olinda Jumbo Bar olives and enjoy

Texas Martini
Swirl tequila in martini glass
Fill with chilled Skyy Vodka
Garnish with Jalapeno stuffed Olinda Jumbo Bar olive

Green Olive Citrus Martini
1 oz Van Gogh Regular Vodka
1 oz Van Gogh Citroen Vodka
1/4 oz Olinda Olive Juice
Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add crushed ice and let stand for five seconds. Shake vigorously for five seconds. Strain into martini glass. Garnish with three California Queen green olives.