Sicilian Style Olives – Sevillano Variety

Our flagship California olive is all-natural and is cured and fermented in salt brine. No lye is ever used in any West Coast Products. Rather, our process requires that raw olives remain in the brine tank for at least ten months. All West Coast Olives carry the kosher certification. Simply ask any rabbi, “our olives don’t lye.” After curing, olives are sorted by size and packed for shipping. Some olives are pitted prior to packing and others are cracked while others are left whole with the pits inside. Cracked olives have flesh slightly punctured or sliced to facilitate the curing and make them easier to eat. Our Sicilian style olives, grown in California, are typically found in deli cases in specialty food stores or supermarkets, or presented under various brand names in retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada.

 West Coast Products Sicilian Olives

Orchard Blend / Bistro Blend

To make this product we combine our Kalamata olives with our Sicilian style olives. Orchard Blend is perfect for deli trays, antipasti, relish dishes, salads, garnish and olive bars….(only available whole)

West Coast Products Bistro Blend Olives

Cracked Sevillano Olives

Our great Sicillian style all natural green olives split on our automated cracking table to allow optimal penetration of spices and herbs for deli purposes.

West Coast Products Cracked Olives

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